Shoulder Pain Specialists in Orange County

Dr. Cheng,

Jeff from Orange. My right shoulder pain is getting worse every week. I play a lot of
volleyball and after every game, I would have horrible shoulder pain that would last
about a week. When I'm playing, I'm fine but when I'm done, the shoulder pain is
unbearable. What is going on with this shoulder pain?

                                                                                                  Jeff, Orange - Orange County


Your shoulder pain is from a rotator cuff tendonitis. When you have shoulder pain that only
comes on after activities, it's usually tendonitis.  What you should do now is rest it for a
couple of weeks, ice it down every night, and stretch your shoulder out. It sounds really
simple but this secret formula is used throughout many professional sport teams when
the players have shoulder pain. When the pain is gone, give us and a call and we'll put you
through our shoulder strengthening program to make sure your shoulder pain never
comes back.

Dr. Cheng, Anaheim - Orange County

Dr. Cheng,

Dennis here from Fullerton. My shoulder pain is not consistent because it really
depends on what I do. Sometime when I reach behind my back to adjust my backpack
or grab my wallet, it hurts and I feel a "pop". Other times, the shoulder pain comes on
when I catch something with an outstretched arm. What's going on with my shoulder

                                                                                          Dennis, Fullerton - Orange County


It sounds like your shoulder pain could be coming from a torn labrum or a torn rotator cuff.
Now when I say "torn", I mean microscopic tear, not completely torn. When you go to reach
behind you and try to catch something with an outstretched arm, it irritates that tear in your
shoulder and causes your shoulder pain.  When you do something that requires no
reaching or lifting, you're probably fine with very little shoulder pain. The best thing to do is
see your doctor for a closer look. If you have a tear, it doesn't mean you need surgery but
it's good for you to know so you can start therapy to fix it.

Dr. Cheng, Anaheim - Orange County

If you have shoulder pain and you live in Orange County, please give us a call so we can
help you get rid of your shoulder pain. Knight Physical Therapy has 2 locations to serve
you in Orange County.  

Anaheim office is only minutes away from Buena Park, Fullerton, La Palma, Cypress,
Cerritos, Artesia, La Mirada, and most of North Orange County.

Garden Grove office is only minutes away from Orange, Santa Ana, Westminster,
Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Los Alamitos, Tustin, Irvine, and most of Central
Orange County.

We specialize in helping patients get rid of chronic and acute shoulder pain with our
unique treatment approach. We use a combination of acupressure, deep-tissue
massage, stretching, and stabilizing exercises to melt your shoulder pain away.

Call today for an immediate appointment with one of our doctors.

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Shoulder Pain - Orange County

The shoulder is the most movable joint in the body. However, it is an unstable joint
because of the range of motion allowed. It is easily subject to injury because the ball of the
upper arm is larger than the shoulder socket that holds it. To remain stable, the shoulder
must be anchored by its muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Some shoulder problems
arise from the disruption of these soft tissues as a result of injury or from overuse or
underuse of the shoulder. Other problems arise from a degenerative process in which
tissues break down and no longer function well.

Shoulder pain may be localized or may be referred to areas around the shoulder or down
the arm. Disease within the body (such as gallbladder, liver, or heart disease, or disease
of the cervical spine of the neck) also may generate pain that travels along nerves to the
shoulder. Conversely, pain felt in the region of the shoulder blade or scapula nearly
always has its origin in the neck.