Knight Physical Therapy, Orange - California

If you need physical therapy in Orange, you might want to spend a few extra minutes driving to
Knight Physical Therapy in Garden Grove.

Here's Why...

Orange is only a short 4 mile drive to Garden Grove. It's definitely worth the extra 9 minute
commute if you want to save time and money, get rid of pain fast, and have the best physical
therapy in Orange County.

Each year, we have hundreds of patients who drive from Orange and other parts of Orange
County to Garden Grove for physical therapy. These patients choose Knight Physical Therapy
over local physical therapy clinics in Orange because of one thing,

When You're In Pain, Do You Want The Best Physical Therapist or The Closest?

Choosing a physical therapist is not the same as shopping for grocery, if you need a carton
of milk, your local grocery store is fine. But when you're recovering from neck surgery, back
surgery, knee surgery, or a stroke, you want the best therapist, not the closest.

We might not be as convenient as your local orthopedic physical therapy clinic in Orange but
we're going to save you a lot more money and time in the long run. Here's how.

Save Money and Time With Knight Physical Therapy

Consider this. Each year, your health insurance, Medicare, and Worker's Compensation
adjuster limits you to about 18 physical therapy visits per year. If you go over 18 visits, you pay
the rest out of your own pocket. The last time we check, each visit to your physical therapist
costs $80.00. It can get very expensive, very fast.

Because your physical therapy visits are limited, you must choose your therapist carefully.
You must look for someone who can deliver within those 18 visits or it's going to cost you
more money and time.  This is why it's not always in your best interest to go somewhere
close to home.

According to the latest 2007 independent physical therapy review. Knight Physical Therapy
ranks as one of the best physical therapy clinics in Orange County based on patient
satisfaction survey and how much money and time we save our patients.

Here is a summary of those findings.

Knight Physical Therapy                                                 Industry Average

1-2 Times A Week in Therapy/Case                              2-3 Times A Week in Therapy/Case
12-16 Visits/Case                                                             18-24 Visits/Case
4-6 Weeks of Therapy/Case                                            6-8 Weeks of Therapy/Case

Additional Cost to Patient:  $0                                          Additional Cost to Patients: $575-$750

How Does All This Help Me?

Less time in therapy - Instead of going in 3 times a week, you only have to go in 1 or 2 times
a week. That saves you time.

Less money - When you have a $20 co-pay and 15% co-insurance payment for each visit,
going in 1 time a week vs. 3 times a week is going to be a big difference once the bill arrives.

Faster recovery - We can get rid of your pain or help you recover from a surgery in 4-6 weeks
vs. 6-8 weeks. That's a saving in time, money, and down-time from your injury or surgery.

So if you're in pain or recovering from a surgery and you need the best physical therapist in
Orange County, give our
Garden Grove Office a call today at 714-750-4097.

13341 Garden Grove Blvd, #B
Garden Grove, CA 92843

Distance from Orange: 4-5 Miles                   Driving Time:  8-9 Minutes

Knight Physical Therapy accepts private insurance, Medicare, and Worker's Compensation
Claims. Please call for more details.