Neck Surgery Specialists in Orange County

Dr. Cheng,

Colleen from Fullerton. I went through a cervical fusion (neck surgery) last year and
now I really can't move my head and neck. I wake up with a lot of stiffness and by noon,
my neck pain is excruciating and I need to lie down. I went through therapy before but it
doesn't seem to help much. I'm not sure what to do at this point because the neck
surgery is finalized and I don't want another surgery.

                                                                                          Colleen, Fullerton - Orange County


When you go through a cervical fusion (neck surgery), they fused a couple of bones
together so you'll lose range of motion in your neck. What most people don't realize is that
neck surgery takes a lot longer to heal than expected. Most of what I have seen is about a
year to two before you actually feel "normal" again. However, having said that, it doesn't
mean you have to be in excruciating pain everyday. There are a lot of things you can do for
your neck to make it more comfortable.

One of the things we do is use acupressure to relax the deeper neck muscles that you
can't get to through a regular massage. Once the muscles are relax, we work on the joints
that are not fused, putting them on slack to relax them and alleviate any tensions in there.
We then take you through a series of stabilizing exercises to help strengthen the neck
muscles so you won't have to use your traps to hold your head up. That's usually what
causes the tightness and stiffness in your neck after neck surgery.

We help neck surgery patients all the time and it's amazing what the right treatment can do
for you. If you feel you would be more comfortable talking to one of us, please give us a call
and we'll be more than happy to go over all your questions.

Dr. Cheng, Garden Grove - Orange County

Dr. Cheng,

Jon from Orange. Is it bad to crack your neck after neck surgery?

                                                                                                  Jon, Orange - Orange County


Stop cracking your neck, especially after you had neck surgery. Although there is no hard
evidence against it, it's usually not recommended. I know it feels good and looser once
you crack your neck but after neck surgery, it's a definite NO NO!

Dr. Cheng, Anaheim - Orange County

If you had neck surgery and you live in Orange County, please give us a call so we can
help you get rid of your neck pain. Knight Physical Therapy has 2 locations to serve you in
Orange County.  

Anaheim office is only minutes away from Buena Park, Fullerton, La Palma, Cypress,
Cerritos, Artesia, La Mirada, and North Orange County.

Garden Grove office is only minutes away from Orange, Fountain Valley, Santa Ana,
Westminster, Huntington Beach, Los Alamitos, Tustin, Irvine, and Central Orange County.

We specialize in helping patients get rid of chronic and acute pain after neck surgery with
our unique treatment approach. We use a combination of acupressure, deep-tissue
massage, stretching, and exercises to help you with your neck pain.

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