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Dr. Cheng,

Jim here from Orange. Every once in a while, my neck locks up and it's excruciating
pain to turn. It doesn't happen all the time but it's getting more frequent. What do you
think is going on with my neck?

                                                                                                Jim, Orange - Orange County


Your neck pain can be from arthritis. If your neck locks up on you every so often and there
is no tingling or numbness down your shoulders and arms, it's most likely arthritis in the
neck joints. When arthritis sets in, one of the first signs is less mobility in your neck and
swelling.  The bad news is, it's going to get worse as you age as more arthritis will set in.
The good news is, with this sort of neck pain, the right stretching and massage can do
wonders for you.

Dr. Cheng, Anaheim - Orange County

Dr. Cheng,

This is Brenda from Garden Grove. I used to get neck pain and it would go away in a day
or two. Now, it's staying for 2-3 weeks and I feel numbness in my fingers. Is this normal
or should I see a doctor?

                                                                              Brenda, Garden Grove - Orange County


When you get neck pain that lasts more than a few days, it's serious. When you feel
numbness and tingling in your fingers, it's really serious. Go see a doctor, here's why.  
What's happening in your neck is probably a disc problem. When the disc is injured or
swollen, it impinges on the nerve and that's what causing your pain and numbness. What
you need to do is find a way to decompress that nerve to allow it to heal.  What we do in
this case is relax the tight muscles around the neck with a deep-tissue massage,
manually gap the joints to allow the nerve to move, and use traction to decompress the
nerve. It's pretty effective and you should be better in a week or two.

Dr. Cheng, Anaheim - Orange County

If you have neck pain and you live in Orange County, please give us a call so we can help
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We specialize in helping patients get rid of chronic and acute neck pain with our unique
treatment approach. We use a combination of acupressure, deep-tissue massage,
stretching, and stabilizing exercises to melt your neck pain away.

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Neck Pain in Orange County

Neck pain (or cervicalgia) is a common problem, with two-thirds of the population having
neck pain at some point in their lives. It is increasing in both intensity, frequency and
severity of episodes.  As people are increasingly sedentary, live fast-paced and hectic
lives, they place more stress and strain on the upper back and neck regions of their

Neck pain, although felt in the neck, can be caused by numerous other spinal issues.
Neck pain may arise due to muscular tightness in both the neck and upper back. Joint
disruption in the neck creates pain, as does joint disruption in the upper back.

The head is supported by the lower neck and upper back, and it is these areas that
commonly cause neck pain. The top three joints in the neck allow for most movement of
your neck and head. The lower joints in the neck and those of the upper back create a
supportive structure for your head to sit on. If this support system is affected adversely,
then the muscles in the area will tighten, leading to neck pain.

Neck pain may also arise from many other physical and emotional health issues.