Balance and Gait Training Specialists in Orange County

Dr. Cheng,

I'm in Orange County. My mother fell a few months ago and has been referred to
physical therapy for balance and gait training by her doctor.  I'm not familiar with what
balance and gait training is all about. Can you tell me more about what the Knight
Balance and Gait Training program will do for my mom?

                                                                                                Kim, Fullerton - Orange County


Balance and gait training is important for your mom because it can save her life

A lot of seniors have difficulty with their balance and gait as they get older. Visual,
vestibular, and proprioceptive feedback are slower and reaction time is longer as we age.
It's a natural regression but it can be dangerous because it leads to more falls and

Basically, as we get older, it's easier for us to trip and fall because our balance is off and
gait is more unstable.

So how can our Balance and Gait Training Program save your mom? We can help her
avoid falls by improving her dynamic balance and improve her walking endurance by
stabilizing her gait.  The number one reason why most seniors end up in the hospital is
from falling. If you fall, you'll break a hip, back, or a knee. This will lead to hospitalization or
surgery which could lead to more complications.

From my experience, a serious fall can change a life in an instant.  Your mom's doctor
sees the dangers of her falling the first time and he is taking precautions to help your
mom avoid a second fall.  That's why he referred her to gait and balance training.

If you feel your mom would benefit from a Balance and Gait Analysis, give us a call and you
can schedule an appointment with one of our doctors.  It's fast and easy but more
importantly, it can save her life.

Dr. Cheng, Anaheim - Orange County

If you have balance problems and you live in Orange County, please give us a call so we
can help you improve your balance and gait. Knight Physical Therapy is in Orange County.  

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We specialize in gait and balance training in Orange County.

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